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Do you remember the first time you started thinking about the environment? Oftentimes, people don't really know how to move forward with environmental ideas, but when it comes down to it, there are a lot of different things you should think about. For instance, serving in your community to clean things up, using less energy at home, and investing in green causes, you can make a significant difference in the community around you. Explore this website to find out more about how to create positive environmental changes when you need to at home. By doing small things today, you could create a more positive tomorrow.


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See Mold? Three Reasons Why You Definitely Should Have It Tested

Mold is associated with all things rotting and unpleasant. If you spot some mold in your home, you should definitely hire a mold inspector to do some mold testing. There are a few tests that the mold testing contractor/inspector can do right in your home, and a few other tests they will need to do offsite. Here are some reasons why you should definitely have any mold in your home tested. 


Mold can make you sick, that is for certain, but there are also molds that are so toxic that they can kill you. Touching these molds or breathing the spores into your body causes everything from migraines and temporary paralysis to hallucinations and death. Testing molds to make sure they are not the kind that can kill you, your pets, and/or your family is something you should do every time you see mold. This is especially true if you see black mold or a rare red mold.


It is almost impossible not to have an allergic reaction to mold. It goes beyond pollen to something more irritating to your body's histamine response system, and even people who generally are not allergic to anything else find that they are allergic to mold. Ergo, molds of any kind can cause people to react and feel very sick. Testing can reveal the amount of mold present, and the likelihood that it is or is not the cause of a recent rash of cold-like symptoms in family members dwelling in your house.

Things That Follow the Mold

Mold equals rot. Rot equals parts of your home falling apart and costing you thousands of dollars to fix, replace, and restore. In that process, you will have other things follow the mold. All kinds of insects and bugs follow mold because mold creates soft areas in the walls and floors for these creatures to eat through and come inside. Mold untreated invites millipedes, centipedes, roaches, termites, ants, silverfish, and a whole host of other bugs that enjoy the taste, smell, and feel of rotting wood and rotten building materials. If you do not want to have to hire a pest exterminator on top of having to clean up mold and restore the moldy areas of your home, have the mold tested to find out just how much of it is present, and where the rest of the mold is hiding inside your walls.