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24 April 2020

Californians own almost half the electric vehicles

Where To Have Smog Testing On Your Vehicle

Californians own almost half the electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. The popularity of EVs in the Golden State is not surprising since the state has the toughest standards for vehicle emissions. If you do not own an electric vehicle, within most counties, you must take the mandatory smog testing checkup every two years. Old diesel and gas and new vehicles (manufactured in the last six years) are also exempt.

The rest of us must take our gas, diesel, and hybrid emissions vehicles in for regular checkups. All too often, though, vehicle owners drive up to a smog testing station and find out they are in the wrong place. There are two types of smog testing centers: standard smog testing stations and STAR certified smog stations. Both may also offer repairs. In the case of a vehicle registration renewal, the DMV form will indicate which type of station to attend. If you have a new vehicle that has never been registered in California, an initial smog test will be required for registration. 

When to Use a STAR Certified Smog Station 

You will be required to have a smog emissions test at a STAR certified smog station if:

Your vehicle has:

  • high emissions,
  • a high emissions profile,
  • failed a previous smog inspection, 
  • was selected randomly to fulfill minimum STAR smog check requirements; or
  • you live in an Enhanced Smog Check area.

If you live in a region of the state considered to have serious-to-extreme ozone pollution, your vehicle can be mandated as a Directed Vehicle to have a checkup at a STAR certified smog station. In enhanced areas, the emissions test also checks levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx). 

When to Use a STAR Certified Repair Station 

If your vehicle fails a smog check, you will be required to make the necessary repairs. If the repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle, the state may buy and scrap the vehicle. You may also want to take advantage of pre-tests offered at some smog testing stations for a fee.

If your vehicle is deemed to be a gross polluter (GP) — that is, twice the emissions of a standard failing vehicle — repairs must be done at a STAR test and repair station.

After your smog checkup, you will receive an inspection report stating whether you passed or failed. You will then be required to obtain a smog certificate (valid for 90 days) from the Department of Motor Vehicles before registering or selling a vehicle in California.

To learn more about smog testing, visit a site like